Consignment Guidelines

Minimum price per item is $2 

  • will accept first 150 to schedule appt.
  • minimum 10 items to consign
  • your share is 70%, less an $8 entry fee
  • unsold merchandise must be picked up by Sunday (immediately following the sale) from 5pm-6pm. Anything not picked up will be donated to local charity


Tagging Guidelines

    • please use 3×5 note card with the following information. (Price-bottom right), (Size-top right), (Gender-top left), (Seller#- bottom left)
    • item description should be written in middle of card
    • ND (no discount) should be written in RED ink on the bottom right by the price if you do not want items discounted on ½ price days
    • tags should be pinned to clothing on upper right corner of item (if item is facing you)
    • hangers should look like a ‘?’ if item is facing you
    • items should be priced in whole dollar increments only
    • if you don’t have pant hangers, please note the example below as an effective way to hang pants/shorts



Merchandise Guidelines

  • No stuffed animals
  • Spring and Summer items ONLY for the Spring Sale!
  • Fall and Winter items ONLY for the Fall Sale
  • Maternity: All sizes
  • Preemie, infant, toddler, child/youth: All sizes
  • Teen girl: size 00-juniors 9 (med), teen Styles ONLY
  • Teen boy: xs-men’s med, up to 16 ½ neck & size 34
  • Clothes MUST be sorted by size & gender at drop off
  • All clothing MUST be clean with no tears, rips, stains and hung securely on coat hangers
  • Small items such as shoes, toys with multiple pieces, etc. must be in a clear bag (such as Ziploc). Tags can be taped to the outside of the bag with packaging tape or dropped inside the bag. Books sell great bagged together
  • Toys that require batteries must be in working condition
  • HK owners and volunteers reserve the right to accept or reject items not appropriate for our sale
  • No limit on total number of items, but please limit shoes to 10 pair and hanging baby clothes (6mo & under) to 30 items.

About Re-stock Day

Re-Stock gives consignors the chance to sell items they did not have time to tag before the sale starts. Our customers want to buy more and this gives them the opportunity to purchase items that may have sold out during the pre-sale and opening day.

*No appointment needed. Drop in Wednesday of the Sale from 9:00am-5:30pm

*Consignors must re-stock their own items.